Diversion Services

Diversion Services are offered to youth and adults who have been cited or referred to the county attorney for a first or subsequent minor offense.

Diversion is a program which is offered by the county attorney in each county, and it is designed to keep youth and adults out of the formal criminal justice system. Diversion is generally extended to individuals who have not had previous contact with law enforcement and who have committed an infraction or a non-violent misdemeanor offense. Individuals who successfully complete Diversion will not a legal record of the offense. This is important for anyone needing to attain or maintain certain licensure, or trying to gain security clearance for employment.

Diversion is a 90 – 180 day program offered to first or second time offending youth, or first time offending adults who have been referred by the county attorney. Our office provides the Diversion service in Adams, Clay, Fillmore, Nuckolls and Webster counties. During the diversionary period, the participant is expected to complete community service, a letter of apology, an education class and/or a substance abuse evaluation.

Community Service

Diversion youth and adults give back to the community and make efforts to repair the harm caused by their behavior. In part, this reparation comes in the form of service to the community by assisting at local non-profit agencies.

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Monetary restoration may be part of a Diversion contract. The county attorney is responsible for making contact with the victim to determine the amount of restitution requested.


Research clearly indicates that a healthy relationship with an adult role model can make a positive and lasting difference in a youth’s life. Diversion youth can be matched with a mentor who will assist them in completing their sanctions while providing support for positive change in their attitudes and behaviors. Our mentors have completed an application process, a background check, interview and training. The expectation is that the mentor/mentee relationship will continue until the Diversion contract has ended. If the pair wants to continue, they will be referred to another community mentoring program such as Big Brothers Big Sisters for support.

Mentor Application