All youth referred to the Adams County Teen Court or to a juvenile Diversion in any of the counties, are required to complete assessments provided by our office. The assessments are evidence based or best-practice and provide high quality, individualized results that allow both the Youth and Parent/Caregiver to address any high risk behaviors, or any independent skill areas that need improvement.

The assessment service is also being utilized by the Hastings Public School truancy program (STARS), the Maryland Living Center and the local Department of Health and Human Services.

This office offers an assessment service for youth in the area who have come to the attention of law enforcement and/or the juvenile system. The purpose is to provide specific and targeted information to help determine what type of intervention would be in the youth’s best interest.

The referred youth are tested across a variety of critical life areas, measuring strengths and needs, independent life skills, and the likelihood of re-offense. The result from one assessment outlines the specific skill areas the youth needs to develop in order to successfully achieve independent living. It also provides the youth and parent/caregiver with a detailed plan for addressing any gap in skills. One of the assessments integrates the youth and caregiver scores and provides intervention recommendations for addressing the identified high risk behaviors.